Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2CC: Meet Me In The Garden

 Hi Everyone!

I have another project to share created for 2Crafty Chipboard with a pretty installment to my tag collection.
This one has a garden theme and features the Love Seat - gosh, I just adore the sweetness of this seat!

"Meet Me In The Garden"

I trimmed a Twisted Vine Corner into 2 pieces and created a layered branch
for the fussy cut birdies to rest upon.

A small piece was also trimmed from a Fine Heart Border and tucked in with the
 Twisted Vine.  The fine hearts tied in beautifully with the hearts on the swing.
I also kept the chippie elements soft to coordinate. I white washed with white paint
mixed with water and a touch of Peony Color Spray. A touch of metallic gold was then
 lightly dabbed over some of the areas.

 2Crafty Chipboard Products:

Corner Twisted Vines
Love Seat
Fine Heart Borders

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Monday, May 8, 2017

2CC: Fairy House

Hi Everyone,

I have some more 2Crafty Chipboard inspiration to share with you.

  I did have fun combining lots of 2Crafty elements in the creation of my mushroom fairy house.

"Fairy House"

The mushroom house was created with a recycled toilet roll cylinder (covered with paper)
 for the stalk and a pretty patterned paper canopy for the mushroom cap.

I trimmed a Brick Panel into smaller pieces and wrapped around the outer edge of the
 cylinder roll to add texture. Slightly curving the pieces helped with the sticking process.
 I used hot glue to attach in place and was not overly concerned with the glue lumps and
 bumps. They added a bit of extra texture when painted over.

The Skeleton Trees added structure for the roof embellishment.  Super cute Groovy Flowers
 were layered over the top with more leaves, flowers and little toadstools (these can be found
in some stores that carry an assortment of craft items or easily sourced online).

The chipboard petal tips were curved upwards and a smaller groovy flower adhered over
the top to add a little dimension.

I also cut out a window and a door and a Lacey Border was trimmed to create a wee window ledge.

Medium sized and smaller groovy flowers embellish the roof front and stalk sides.
An Arrow Word adds the perfect sentiment.

Smaller Bubble Clumps create fairy stepping stones and were placed
on the garden floor amongst the foliage.

All the chipboard elements have been painted white.  For a touch of sparkle, fine
Crystal Glitter was sprinkled over the top whilst the paint was still wet.

2Crafty Chipboard Products:

Groovy Flowers
Skeleton Trees
Bubble Clumps
Brick Panel
Arrow Word Set 1
Lacey Border Set 1

Thanks so much for dropping by

Saturday, April 8, 2017

2CC - Discover Life

Hello Everyone!
 I have an 'Alice' inspired tag to share with all today.
 This one showcases the 2Crafty Chipboard Fob Clock as the hero piece:

"I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it"

"Discover Life"
The base of the tag was created from recycled Prima flower packaging and covered with patterned paper (Bo Bunny 'Somewhere In Time')
The 2 Crafty Retro Panel was trimmed down to add detail and texture to the background.  I attached it in it's natural state and then spritzed over it with Lindy's Time Travel Teal. (LOVE this colour!).

Fussy cut elements were then layered over the top with the Fob Clock taking centre stage with Alice (Graphic 45 Hallow'een in Wonderland).  A Faucet Knob was added as a door handle to the front of the clock - all Alice has to do is turn it to walk through and discover what is on the other side. 
The other chipboard were painted with Prima Color Bloom sprays -  Worn Leather & Gold Foil, with black pigment ink rubbed in over the top with my fingers.

 2Crafty Chipboard Products:
Retro Panel
6" Clock Face Frames - (Negative Used)
Vintage Keys
Asst Chain Lengths
Fob Clock

Thanks so much for dropping by.


Friday, April 7, 2017

2CC - Dragon's Egg

Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing some more 2Crafty Chipboard inspiration.  

I have a medieval, steampunk inspired twist on the classic styrofoam egg.  I have been 'hatching' this idea for a while - for as long as I have been hanging onto this 'saved' McDonald's dragon happy toy!

'Dragon's Egg'

It was a fiery red colour, but a coat of paint and some colour sprays changed it to coordinate  - I also added Prima Micro Beads to the wings and along the back of the dragon to add extra texture and detail.  
Texture was added to the surface of the egg with a Moroccan Panel.  Pieces were
 trimmed and adhered in place. The egg was then painted with black gesso and
 colour added with sprays in layers to build up the intensity.

Chain Length was wrapped around the middle of the egg.
Medium and Small Steampunk Gears were also used to embellish
the egg along with metal elements.

 A dragon's nest was made out of Fishing Net Bits.  
The look of these resonated chain mesh to me.

I created a stand from an empty ribbon spool with chipboard Barbed Wire wrapped around the middle.

I have included a video sharing the creative process of my dragon's egg:


2Crafty Chipboard Products:

Steampunk Gears Medium
Steampunk Gears Small
Asst Chain Lengths
Barbed Wire
Fishing Net Bits
Moroccan Panel
Scroll 3

Till next time,
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Monday, March 27, 2017

More Than Words March Challenge

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" 
Hi Everyone,

Well this is the first time for me playing along with one of the More Than Words challenges.  I seriously could not resist word and creative challenge inspiration

Word Inspiration - BEAUTIFUL
Creative Challenge - BUTTERFLY

I have taken inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers and have included fussy cut floral elements from FabScraps patterned papers along with pretty blooms.  
Fussy cut butterflies delicately rest amongst the foliage, ready to dance away when the need arises.
 The word 'beautiful' was also included in the title text. I hope that my daughter will always know her worth, be confident and always be true to herself.  Always uplift and don't bring others down

I had some fun revisiting Walnut Ink Cyrstals and metallic rub-ons for altering the 2 Crafty Chipboard. The walnut ink added a lovely natural warmth and toned beautifully with rusty elements of the background patterned paper.

Thanks so much for the creative inspiration More Than Words 


Sunday, March 12, 2017

2CC: Time Has Flown

Hi Everyone!
I have another design team project to share showcasing some more 2Crafty Chipboard loveliness.
The chipboard elements were  kept softer to coordinate with the soft toning of these beautiful Blue Fern 'Frolic' papers.  

Gosh, it only seems like yesterday when we were bringing this one home from hospital:

"Time Has Flown" 
Once again, I have layered lots of fussy cut elements with the chipboard pieces.  
A larger and middle sized Clock Face Frame were arranged behind the photo.
 Whilst a smaller one has been tucked in amongst the blooms. 
I trimmed a Lacey Border and this sits under the bottom edge of the photo.  I love
 these pretty borders.  They are so versatile and one of my favourite pieces.  You will
often see these pop on my projects.
The negative frame from the smallest clock face frame was tucked in underneath
the floral cluster and a trimmed Chain Length hangs down.
 A Scroll 3 was added at the bottom with a small flower attached over the top.
2Crafty Chipboard Products:
6" Clock Face Frames
Chain Lengths
Scroll 3
Lacey Border Set 1

Thanks so much for dropping by,


Saturday, March 11, 2017

2CC: Follow Your Heart

Hi Everyone,
Popping in today to share some more 2Crafty Chipboard inspiration. I have created something more on the whimsical style.  
It was fun creating a floral playground for my 'little fairy':  
Follow Your Heart

A fairy does require wings and Skeleton Leaves' were perfect for giving my fairy her wings. 
Fairies and butterflies go hand in hand - a Delicate Butterfly rests on a Leafy Shrub.
I adhered this in place on a slight angle upwards to add a little dimension. 
Follow Your Heart was the perfect sentiment for this very sweet little fairy.

Elements from both Leafy Shrub Set 1 and Leafy Shrub Set 2 were used to extend the delicate Flowery Swirly Frame. These were tucked in around where my little fairy rests among the fussy cut floral blooms - I used patterned papers from My Mind's Eye In Bloom Collection.
A little shading and splatters were added around the flower edges with Colour Blast Shimmer Sprays.

The Flowery Swirly Frame also creates a happy terrarium effect.  
The chipboard elements were kept darker to add contrast to the 'heavier' toning of the fussy
 cut floral elements.  A touch of metallic gold accents the wings, title and flowers of the 11" frame.

2Crafty Chipboard Products:
11"Flowery Swirly Frame
Leafy Shrub Set 1
Leafy Shrub Set 2
Delicate Butterflies
Skeleton Leaves
Follow Your Heart 

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